Status video fitting is a favourite of everyone, no one gives up on this issue, they compete so much that they fit status videos in their WhatsApp application, in which case many people fail to fit the longest video

That means when creating a status video that can express their character and happiness, it is worth noting that it cannot be uploaded if it exceeds the size set by the WhatsApp company

WhatsApp is one of the applications that come with the mobile purchase, and this application is very popular all over the world

30 Sec - Split videos for Whatsapp Status


it is able to share information as soon as you think, and at the same time it can go on saying a lot more features that are currently able to make money transfers.

It’s also a platform to share information with others in no time, and this 30 Sec Split video for the Whatsapp Status application is used to get the most out of fitting things like status in this WhatsApp application.

Use Of 30 Sec Split videos for Whatsapp Status

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