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Every day we get a lot of incoming call calls, although we are not forced to take them all alone, it would be nice if some important calls were not spoken by anyone other than us, so if some secret calls are answered by others, they will know your secrets, many people, in this case, They lose their personal secrets and suffer without peace of mind. Although it is not mandatory to do this, it is sometimes considered a great idea, so this website article covers how to securely lock incoming calls, ie how to make an Incoming Call Pin Locker so that no one but you can take it.

Why do I need Incoming Call Pin Locker?

Although mobile is an object that can do many things, its main need is to be able to communicate with us at the moment when anyone wants to, and we can only talk to a lot of people through mobile, although we also get some incoming call calls and it is best not to pick it up by anyone else.

Sow Example story

best Incoming Call Lock app

We are discussing this Incoming Call Pin Locker application in the article, however, I would like to share with you the main feature of it, i.e. this application was taken from the official Play Store, so you can make sure that it is a great application, we have given all the relevant information below and read it clearly After watching it you can finally use it if you have the option to use it.

Vault AppHide Screen App
Amazing Live Time PasswordOff Fingerprint Lock On My Sleep

play store details of incoming call lock

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Available OnPlay Store
PurposeIncoming Call Pin Locker
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
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Contact[email protected]
How ToApp Install
  • Incoming Call Pin Locker protects your Incoming call to be picked up by someone else.
  • This Application will not allow others to see the caller’s name, number or.

any other details. The password screen popups on Incoming Calls to hide all information about the caller. You can protect your incoming calls by using either pattern lock or pin code security for your calls. This app also allows the user to protect All incoming calls, Unknown contacts, or selected contacts only. Using this app will secure your incoming calls by Selecting the Password Lock or Pattern Lock.


  • Enable/Disable Call Lock Option
  • Place a call lock on either all of your contacts or just specific ones or all unknown contacts.
  • Security: Contains both Pattern lock and Pincode.
  • You can Easily Change the Password
  • User Friendly

How To Use it

  • First of all, set your pattern or passcode to secure your incoming calls.
  • Then Enable the lock switch button.
  • Then check one of the radio buttons to enable lock on all contacts, unknown contacts, or selected contacts.

how to install, and use the call lock app?

  1. It is necessary to go to the Play Store and download the application, the opportunity for which is given below.
  2. It is possible to ask for some permissions while installing this application, it is best to allow it with the option.
  3. Finally, you can lock all your incoming calls with the feature available through this application.
how to lock incoming call

Calls Lock App

In this website article, we have suggested that the Incoming Call Pin Locker app should be helpful if an individual thinks that the incoming mobile calls should not be spoken to by anyone other than him, however, we look forward to your feedback on this as well, please share this website article with your friends and social Share on media sites too.

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