100GB Free Cloud Storage

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When we store large amounts of our photos and videos on the mobile, the storage of the mobile becomes full, the mobile is likely to reduce its workload and shorten its lifespan due to not being able to withstand the heavy load, so in this web article, you will find 100GB of free cloud storage that can store our important photos and videos. This is a completely free option that allows you to securely store your vital information, upload photos and videos of your future experience, and install a 100GB Free Cloud Storage application on your new mobile with this Free Cloud Storage app in case the mobile is stolen or broken. When you enter your username and password, you will get all your old uploaded information and come see clear discussions about this

Why 100GB Free Cloud Storage app

In the present times not only talking, but mobile has also started to store a variety of things, however, a certain amount of storage is given to all, if we have storage beyond that level it will provide a dangerous opportunity to reduce its lifespan, that is, without putting any amount of overload on the mobile store If it is empty, the work of the mobile will be faster, the applications on the mobile, the way to use the mobile will be a little better.

If you have stored too many photos and videos to complete the storage on your mobile, the mobile will reduce its workload so it will not be burdensome, as free storage applications like this will help to reduce the load on the mobile,

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Note: This application is bringing good name everywhere, good videos about it are being uploaded on youtube, although we have recommended you so many things, I have given all the information related to the application at the bottom of this website, read it clearly, then you can download only on your own choice Make and use.

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Play store details of the Degoo Lite app

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Available OnPlay Store
PurposeDegoo Lite: 100 GB Cloud Drive
Nowadays Installs500,000+
Offered ByDegoo Backup AB – Cloud
App PolicyPolicy
WebsiteApplication Site
Contact[email protected]
AddressDegoo Backup AB Östermalmsgatan 93 114 59 Stockholm Sweden
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Lite Version: Back up your data directly from your device. Choose what you want to backup, like your photos or docs and we store it all securely in Degoo’s cloud drive. Degoo allows you to bring all your photos, videos, music and documents anywhere. Store and share your files free forever with Degoo, the ultimate cloud drive for your mobile phone or tablet.

Why Ude DEGOO & Main Features

MOMENTS: Get your own personalized feed with all the memories from your past. We use artificial intelligence to select the photos that matter the most to you. Whenever you open it you will find new photos you have not seen in a while. A gateway to recharging your digital life!

RELIABLE: At Degoo we store triple copies of each file to ensure they are always there when you need them. Just upload them into our mega secure storage explorer and access them whenever you like.

STREAMING SUPPORT: With our easy to use full-screen stream player you can access all your videos and music streams in real-time without having to wait for the download to finish.

REMOTE ONLINE ACCESS: Keep all your data in the cloud and quickly access it from all your devices. Get instant access to all your office documents, like text docs, pdf, zip archives and notes wherever you are, within minutes. Degoo lets you restore your files from your online storage space to any device in the world, all around the clock.

SIMPLE FILE EXPLORER: In My Files, you can quickly list all your files in our explorer and use our easy file viewer to access and share your files and folders directly in the app. Keep all your information at your fingertips, store everything in your own folders and sync any time you want to fully back up your data.

SUPER EFFICIENT AND FAST: The app is very lightweight and uses minimum RAM, battery and CPU. Keep your memory space and power usage to more important work tasks and enjoy mega fast uploads.

EASY TO USE: We have recently recreated our file manager from scratch. This new version has led to a much cleaner interface with a beautiful chrome finish and easier design, which makes it super easy to stay on top of your work tasks. Just drop all your files into Degoo and let us take care of the rest.

How to Vault torch download, and use free storage app?

  1. Click on the link below if you have the option to download the application
  2. Installing it on a mobile phone may give you some permissions, after reading it clearly, you can only allow it and save your photo with this application.
  3. Finally, you can save all your important files in the 100GB Free Cloud Storage available to you in this application
100gb free cloud storage

100GB free cloud storage

We consider this information we intended to live to be a piece of great information, and we consider it a good opportunity to preserve some photos and videos that may give us a sweeter experience in the future. We will definitely give a good article to everyone from time to time

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