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There will be discussions on this website on the topic of hiding our important photos and videos with the Torchlight on our mobile, and you will have the best opportunity to do so here, for example, we need to preserve a few photos and videos in the present for a better future experience, which may help in such matters. A special opportunity has been created here

Why preserve old photos?

Too many photos and videos are taken by mobile, mobile has become an object of taking everything with me, it is worth noting that it is also possible to take good photos, so it is important to collect and take good photos on mobile so that the best photos on mobile can be taken, so I can take photos of everything wherever I go It is human nature to store photos that will provide you with a sweet experience in the future, and while storing it we can count on the past and enjoy delicious experiences.

How to protect important photos?

In this case, we have to handle some strategies and if we delete it thinking that the problem will come if our family and relatives see a few photos in the present situation, we will lose the sweet experience that photo gives us many years later, because of that delete the existing photos for fear of others Not to be outdone, we should definitely store it, even people who think they will be angry if they see it now will smile at that photo in the future, that amount of contemporary photos are future treasures, so it is important to preserve everything.

Best Torch Vault-Hide App

You should not forget to collect the little things that can give you a better experience in the future, this Torch Vault App provided in our article will help you to hide your important photos and videos so that others can not easily find them.

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Note: You can find all the information about this app below in that article and after knowing everything you can go to the Play Store to download it. Many people around the world are looking for good applications on the Play Store, and to that extent, this website is very special.

Time Change PIN LockApp Lock Master
Draw Pattern Lock AppWhatsApp Call Lock

Play store details of the app

unnamed 3
unnamed 3 3
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Available OnPlay Store
PurposeTorch Vault-Hide Gallery’s Photos, video
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered ByJeilleeiJoubM
App PolicyPolicy
WebsiteApplication Site
Contact[email protected]
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This app disguised itself as the Torch app which can be used to turn On/Off LED lights. and if you long press on Torch title The actual Vault will be open. Hide and save your photos/videos from your phone gallery and easily access them using Passcode or Finger lock(If available on your phone) in the torch vault.

Main Key Features

  • Hide photos and videos
  • Hide Audio files
  • Save notes
  • Passcode & Fingerprint unlock

How to Vault torch download, and use it?

  1. If you want to download this Torch Vault-Hide App you can download it in the Play Store, you are given the chance to reach it below.
  2. Also, your gallery will allow you to install this application on your mobile, then your important photos will be taken.
  3. After all, you can easily hide your important photos, videos, etc. with this Torch Vault-Hide App.
Torch Vault Hide Gallerys Photosvideo

Mobile Tourch Vault App

We hope that the article will give you all the information you intend to provide, and we hope that sharing this information with your friends and relatives will help us to see some of the photos from the present that can give us a sweeter experience in the future.

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