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Note: This RojaApp website article is based on Play Store’s call history of any mobile number application, the use of which should be a decision based on individual market preference.

Even so, know that no one is allowed to view the call history of any number online. But we recommend this get call history of any number of applications that can be downloaded and used by more than one lakh people.

The reason is that this is a call history of any number of application that has been released following the policy of Google Play Store, and it has received a 4.7-star rating so far.

We provide this call history of any mobile number application for your need, read it fully and get benefit and recommend it to your friends.

A few words: Let’s scroll down to get full information and the chance to download the application, before that let’s start discussing some explanations.

Main Feature Of Play Store call history of any mobile number App

  • Get any number call history
  • Receive any call history in your Gmail
  • type number and get all history
  • Caller ID name & Address
  • Any call details & any number details

how to get call history of any number in India

In general, there are many applications for doing things like this (how to find the call history of any number), but using them is a personal choice.

The reason is that there are some website applications that collect free call history of any number information through websites and some can I get the call history of any number applications and display the same information to others.

Therefore, it is important to note that they may also collect your information and show it to others, so doing such things should be a decision you make at your own discretion.

Whereas we recommend the Google Play Store Call History Of Any Mobile Number application to recommend the best application for people who are forced to use such an app to know the call history of any number application.

play store details of the call history of any mobile number

Available OnPlay Store
PurposeCall App
Nowadays Installs100,000+
Offered ByApp Crystal Infotech

Call history of any mobile number: Get 100% Real call details of any person from all around the world. it helps you to find any person’s call data and makes your work easy also This app helps you manage records of your data.

Phone Call History keeps your call history forever and lists them category-wise for ease of access. Quick and advanced search options help you to easily access the data you are looking for.

Phone Call History allows you to export calls to an Excel file. This app can back up your logs and restore them on the same phone or other. There is a useful statistics page to give you more insight into calls you are making/receiving.

Complete Information about how to check the call history of other numbers. How to get call details of any number application helps prepaid telecom users find the numbers for specific operations like Recharge, Call Manage, Call status, Net Balance inquiry, Finding their own number, and Customer care number.

Phone Call History keeps up to the past day’s call logs and lists them category-wise for ease of access. Quick and advanced search options help you to easily access the data you are looking for. There are many other features included to manage your call logs easily and efficiently.

More Details Of Call History Of Any Number App

App PolicyNA
Contact[email protected]


  • Filtered calls by type (Dialed, Received, Missed)
  • Delete all logs for specific contact
  • Access your contacts
  • Shortcut to clear all of your call histories
  • A quick call (Known numbers)
  • Mobile cdr analysis
  • Add contact (Unknown numbers)

The swap with fake call option allows you to swap a particular call in history with another number.

Phone Call History: The app helps you keep unlimited records of your call data. (Android keeps recent 500 calls, and deletes older ones). And lets you analyze calls by Duration, Frequency.

CONTACT SEARCH: Search faster using the search contacts functionality and perform analysis of any contacts. It allows you to view the contact’s overall call overview, summary, and statistics.

Get the call details:

  • Know who is calling you, with the security feature of the app that detects and collects the details of any user’s caller helps you identify the user’s caller.
  • The considerate feature to search the call contacts details of the user is also available in the app.

Check your messages: The innovative feature and interface of the application make messaging easy.

Know the Operator: The call history manager helps you provide the complete detail of a number. These details also include the operator of any user’s caller.

Know the location:

  1. The call history manager arrives with the excellent feature of providing the location details of any caller.
  2. The call history manager collects the location details and directs them to the person you are calling.

Call recordings:

  • Keep track of important calls with the help of this application.
  • The beneficial feature of call recordings is provided to recollect the details that you ever miss.

EXPORT YOUR CALL LOG DATA: Export all your calls or on a specific date range from your unlimited record of call history, to perform your own analytics or as an offline backup.

View SMS History: Now you can view SMS details in the Contact details screen.

The Call Logs Backup app is one of the cleanest and fastest ways to back up your Android phone call logs. With Call Log Backup on your Android phone never lose a call log again. Stranded with an old phone from which you want to backup up call logs.

call history of any mobile number

How to download call history of any number apk?

There is no apk for this call history of any number application. We find it from the play store and recommend it.

The reason is that the play store only gives space to applications that have followed the best policy in the interest of the user, and in the future, even if a policy violation is found, it deletes that application in our interest.

So because we always recommend downloading from there, we have given Play Store all history of any mobile number online application which can be downloaded by going to the play store and using (Call History Of Any Mobile Number app) it.

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Call History Of Any Number

You can see the information related to this check call history of any Jio number application more clearly through the play store, go there and download the opportunity given in the button below, and use it.

NOTES: This App does not present itself as a spying or secret surveillance and does not contains Viruses, Trojan horses, malware, spyware or any other malicious software also is not any related functionality or plugins.

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