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In this web article, we are going to look at a great Notification Camara Light application that can create a circular animation around the camera on your mobile display if any notification comes to your mobile.

This Notification Light application has many features in it, let’s start some discussions about how to download it and the experience available.

What is Mobile Notification Camara Light?

We receive many notifications every day through mobile and we leave many notifications unattended. They will be very important and will look normal when notifications like that come up and some alarms will sound.

This Notification Camara Light application will definitely help you if we want to face this with a different approach. That means if you get a notification for example when that notification comes an animation like a butterfly flying around the camera on your mobile display will appear, which will be very different and beautiful to look at, thus creating a refreshment.

Best custom Notification Light App

An additional highlight is that we took such a Notification Light application from the Play Store, all the photos and information taken from it are given below, after reading it clearly, download and use it.

Quick SettingsKeyboard Photo
Disable Touch100GB Free Storage

play store details of custom notification app

Available OnPlay Store
Purposechange notification light colour app android
Nowadays Installs100,000+
SizeVaries with device
Offered ByJawomo
App PolicySite
WebsitePolicy Site
Contact[email protected]
AddressGoogle Map
Get Your AppInstall App

You need a notification light / LED for your phone!: With and notify you can easily add a notification light / LED to your phone!

You can select different notification light styles and show the notification light around the camera cutout, screen edges or even simulate a notification LED dot in the status bar of your phone!


  1. Notification light / LED for your phone!
  2. Double-tap to wake screen on notification!
  3. Charging / Low battery light / LED


  • Notification light styles (around the camera, screen, LED dot)
  • Custom app/contact colours
  • ECO animations to save battery
  • Interval mode (on/off) to save battery
  • Night times to save battery
  • Minimal battery consumption


  • LED on INTERVAL MODE – 5.0%
  • LED on ECO ANIMATION – 3.5%

Without the notification light, the app consumes almost 0% battery!

Note This

  • The app is still in the beta stage, errors may occur!!
  • Phone manufacturers may block this app with future updates!
  • Please check if the app is compatible before updating the phone software!
  • Although we never experienced any screen burn-in issues on our test devices, we recommend not keeping the notification light / LED active for a long time! Use as your own responsibility!
Live 3D WallpaperTiming Messages
HD WallpaperCall Animation
unnamed 5 4
unnamed 6 6
unnamed 7 6
unnamed 8 6
unnamed 12 5
unnamed 13 4

How to install it?

  1. Click the link below to download the application and go to Playster.
  2. Note that when installing the application on mobile it will ask for permission to create a notification light.
  3. Will do his job successfully after getting permission to do all things right.
Notification Camara Light

Notification App

This Notification Camara Light application is a masterpiece for everyone who wants to turn the notification experience on their mobile into a colourful and tasty experience, while others will be amazed when they see the U mobile. We hope you find it helpful in that regard, so please share your thoughts on this article with us in the comment box.

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