Use Of Draw Pattern Lock App

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Viewers try to unlock our mobile phone by any means, sometimes when our friends and relatives pick up our mobile, they make sure that we have locked it, maybe they are more focused on fingerprint lock, button lock, the number lock and then open it. Trying, but they have to find a way that they can not imagine unknowingly, how much better it would be to unlock and lock our mobile by writing some things with our fingers, but our mobile will only open when writing that particular character, this is called Draw Pattern Lock, this Come see clearly how to do it, we are trying to connect some discussions and stories themselves.

Excellent Draw Pattern Lock App

Mobile is a normal thing, but we are a little reluctant to share it with our friends and relatives because we usually store a lot of important information on our mobile, some of which we think our friends and relatives should not see, while we are away from the mobile, For example, we may feel that we should not pick up on calls that we receive while on the phone or while we are asleep, and they will usually ask us what the password is if we lock the mobile, but do not know what kind of lock we are locking in, i.e. only by writing some letters on our mobile screen by hand. Our mobile will open, we recommend a special Draw Pattern Lock App of that size

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Note: We have provided information about this application at the bottom of the website and the Draw Pattern Lock app is on the official web site Play Store, which is now being used by a large number of people and is gaining strength, and YouTube videos related to it are being created, even if you read and watch many things. Utilization is good only on the basis of personal choice

Play store details of the app

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Available OnPlay Store
Purposedraw pattern lock
Nowadays Installs50,000+
Offered ByLock Screen Master
App PolicyPolicy
WebsiteApplication Site
Contact[email protected]
How ToApp Install


  • Draw numbers, letters, symbols, signatures to unlock
  • Invisible gesture: hide gesture when drawing on the lock screen
  • Support single stroke gestures (one-touch drawing) and multiple strokes gesture
  • Add/change/delete gesture

Intruder Selfie Feature

  • Snap a secret photo when an intruder enters wrong gestures
  • Send intruder photo directly in your email inbox
  • Show intruder notification on unlock
  • Gesture Lock Screen is an intruder selfie lock screen

PIN Feature

  • Enter PIN to unlock in case you forget the gesture
  • 4~8-digit PINs
  • Gesture Lock Screen is a secure PIN lock screen

Wallpaper Feature

  • Pick from 2.5M+ photos and wallpapers, powered by Unsplash
  • Search wallpapers
  • Fast to find wallpapers with popular wallpaper tags
Incoming Call LockTiming Messages
Keyboard PhotoClock Lock Screen

How to install and use it?

  1. If you want to download the application, you can go directly to the Play Store and download it.
  2. You need to give some permission to this Draw Lock, then this application will work properly,
  3. When everything is done correctly, you can write a few letters and paste them into your mobile password, which will amaze the viewers
Use Of Draw Pattern Lock App

Draw Screen Lock

All of the information we provide will be helpful to mobile users and will provide protection from many bitter incidents, as some of the information on our mobiles will be viewed by others, thus creating a situation where some questions and fights will arise, and humans are forced to deal with certain things like this to avoid this. If something goes well, do not hesitate to do so, do not forget to share your thoughts with us on this information, and if you think you need to make any corrections, please share it with us in the comment box, we will respond to it as soon as possible.

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