Disable Touch Screen For Android With WhatsApp Call Lock

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If no one wants to use our mobile phone without our permission then the main thing we need to do is to have a Disable Touch Screen on our mobile, you may be wondering why we should do this, but nowadays everyone is using a touch screen mobile, then there are frictions in the mobile Can only use our mobile through, so if we turn it off, no one else will be able to use our mobile without our permission, which includes all incoming calls and SMS transactions on our mobile, some of which are discussed and the benefits of this can be discussed here.

What do you need Touch Lock with Disable Touch Screen for?

Nowadays mobile usage has become a viable option for everyone, from low priced to high priced mobile, even for small people i.e. even those who have lack of money selling mobile on low budget according to their need, however, everyone buys touch mobile, this touch mobile is a bit different, i.e. another keyboard mobile It has many highlights without being like that. This means that even if you want to use your mobile phone or someone else’s use the touch screen on the mobile phone with your fingers, it will work only when rubbing with the fingers, it is a well-known fact, despite the fact that we have locked our mobile with a variety of applications, Disable Touch Screening will solve all the problems.

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Note: This application is in the official Play Store, so it would be a great app because the Play Store only contains a good application. We have made it clear below that it is best to read it and then use it only on your own, that is, on your own.

Draw Pattern LockIncoming Call Lock
Timing MessagesClock Lock Screen

Play store details of the app

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unnamed 5
unnamed 6
unnamed 7
Available OnPlay Store
PurposeTouch Lock – Disable Touch Screen
Nowadays Installs5,000+
Offered ByArpeek
App PolicyPolicy
WebsiteApplication Site
Contact[email protected]
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  • Auto unlock when phone rings
  • Quick settings tile.
  • Dismissible control notification
  • Night theme

Steps to use

  • Download and open the app.
  • Grant the asked permissions
  • Tap on “Show Notification” top to enable the control notification, then click on the notification to open the lock
  • Or use the Quick Settings Tile for easier access. (Android 7+)

How to install, and use it?

  1. If you want to download and use this application you can download it directly from the Play Store, you will have the opportunity below
  2. Also, you will be required to give permission to install this application on your mobile, then this application will start working properly and you can allow and use it after reading it at your own discretion.
  3. You have done everything successfully, it is worth noting that if you do so you will be able to make your mobile Disable Touch Screen with this application, so many information will be safe.

Note: This app don’t lock navigation buttons and status bar at this time.

Disable Touch Screen For Android With WhatsApp Call Lock

Disable Touch Screen

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