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In today’s era, we are making all our jobs easier with computers, especially the AI method which can be called Artificial Intelligence. We can use it on mobile, this website article also provides a great new AI Voice Keyboard application that has the power to listen to your voice and convert it into letters.

That is, this Android AI Voice Keyboard application is an application found through Google Play Store and we are proud to present it to you with information collected from there.

So check out the full information and download and use it, not only that, more than ten thousand people have started using this application within a few days of its launch, and it may increase even more in the future.

In addition, this AI Voice Keyboard application is an application that came on March 29, 2023, and it is an application with only 6MB without overloading the mobile.

However, as it has many features attached to it, we have given you a clear explanation about it below, so take advantage of it, this is the section for you.

What Is AI Voice Keyboard?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no specific technology or product called “AI Voice Keyboard.” However, I can provide information about voice recognition and virtual keyboards, which may be relevant to your query.

Voice recognition technology enables computers or devices to convert spoken words into text.

This technology allows users to interact with devices using their voice instead of typing. Users can speak their commands or dictate text, and the device converts them into written words.

Virtual keyboards, on the other hand, are software-based keyboards that appear on a device’s screen instead of a physical keyboard. These keyboards can be operated by touch or by using a stylus or pen.

Combining these concepts, an “AI Voice Keyboard” could potentially refer to a virtual keyboard that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for voice recognition.

Such a keyboard could use AI to enhance the accuracy of voice-to-text conversion or provide additional features based on natural language processing capabilities.

Please note: That my response is based on the information available up to September 2021, and there might have been advancements or new developments in the field since then.

What Is AI Voice Keyboard App For Android?

There isn’t a specific AI Voice Keyboard app for Android that I can provide information about.

However, there are various virtual keyboards and voice recognition apps available on the Google Play Store that offer similar functionalities.

Here are a few popular virtual keyboards and voice recognition apps for Android:

  1. Gboard
  2. SwiftKey Keyboard
  3. Google Assistant
  4. SpeechTexter

Gboard: Gboard is a widely used virtual keyboard app developed by Google. It offers voice typing functionality, allowing users to input text by speaking into their devices.

SwiftKey Keyboard: SwiftKey is another popular virtual keyboard that supports voice typing. It offers accurate word predictions and personalization features.

Google Assistant: While not primarily a keyboard app, Google Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant available on Android devices. It can perform voice-to-text conversion, enabling users to dictate messages or commands.

SpeechTexter: SpeechTexter is a dedicated voice recognition app that converts spoken words into written text. It provides an interface specifically designed for voice typing, allowing users to dictate messages, emails, and other texts.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that since my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, there may be newer apps or developments in the field of AI Voice Keyboard apps for Android.

I recommend exploring the Google Play Store for the most up-to-date information and to discover any new apps that may have been released.

play store details of AI Voice Keyboard App

Available OnPlay Store
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered BySimple AI
Released onMar 29, 2023

Introducing SimplySpeak: the ultimate speech-to-text and voice-memos app that will change the way you communicate! With our state-of-the-art AI translator and voice input capabilities.

You can easily convert your spoken words into text with just a whisper. Whether you’re looking to record notes, capture captions, or simply convert sound to text, SimplySpeak is the perfect tool for you.

Powered by GPT4 and ChatGPT, SimplySpeak’s cutting-edge AI is capable of translating 99 different languages into English, making it the go-to translator for online communication.

With SimplySpeak AI Voice Keyboard, you can effortlessly dictate messages, emails, documents, and more, without ever lifting a finger.

The AI Voice Keyboard app streamlines your communication process, ensuring you always express yourself clearly and effectively.

Our proprietary language processing algorithms understand the nuances of human communication, enhancing your messages to reflect your intended tone and style.

SimplySpeak’s Play Store AI refines your spoken words, correcting grammar, refining sentence structure, and ensuring your message is polished and professional.

More Details Of AI Voice Keyboard App

App Policy
Contact[email protected]
AddressRm 4D 4/F, Century Centre 33-35 Au Pui Wan St, Fotan, Hong Kong, China


ADVANCED VOICE INPUT AND VOICE AI: Our powerful voice recognition system transcribes your speech quickly and accurately, ensuring you never have to waste time fixing errors or repeating yourself.

AI-ENHANCED TEXT GENERATION AND DICTATION: SimplySpeak’s AI enhances your spoken words, correcting grammar, refining sentence structure, and ensuring your message is polished and professional. With dictation mode, you can speak naturally, and SimplySpeak will transcribe your words into text.

THREE DISTINCT TEXT STYLES AND THEMES: Tailor your message to your audience with a simple tap. Choose from Casual, Professional, or Academic styles to perfectly convey your thoughts and ideas.

INTUITIVE KEYBOARD: Our sleek, user-friendly keyboard design makes typing a breeze, offering a seamless blend of voice input and traditional text input.

MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT AND TRANSLATION: Communicate with ease, no matter the language. SimplySpeak supports multiple languages, allowing you to connect with friends, colleagues, and clients across the globe. With translation mode, you can speak in one language, and SimplySpeak will translate it into another language in real-time.

CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Personalize your SimplySpeak experience with customizable settings, including voice input sensitivity, AI enhancement levels, and preferred text styles.

PRIVACY AND SECURITY: Your data is important to us. SimplySpeak employs robust encryption methods to protect your information, ensuring your conversations remain confidential and secure.

With SimplySpeak, you can record it all with ease. Our AI-driven app takes the stress out of note-taking and communication, helping you save time, and boost productivity.

And make the right impression every time. Whether you’re recording notes, capturing captions, or simply converting sound to text with a whisper, SimplySpeak has you covered.

Join the revolution in communication technology and experience the future of messaging with SimplySpeak. Download our simple and easy-to-use converter today.

And discover how easy and enjoyable communication can be. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your voice-to-text experience – try SimplySpeak now!

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How to download ai keyboard voice to text App?

You can go to the play store and download this ai type of keyboard voice to text application. Within a few days, more than ten thousand people have downloaded it.

So you also follow the same the way to get there is given below in our website kattur and you will reach it while traveling continuously.

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AI Voice Keyboard Download

We are providing many such mobile applications for you (will be providing them in the future as well) and all of them are only the best policy-released application in the play store.

In that way, in this voice-to-text app for Android application, we have given you the opportunity to go to the home page with a button below, and use it.

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