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If you are of the opinion that the various applications you use on mobile should not be opened by others, this article will definitely help you, for example, we engage in various chats on social media applications, we have the idea that we should only see it, sometimes if someone buys a mobile that their loved ones are friends with? They will think to open that application and have a chance to see some of our important information, this website article has been created to provide a better App Lock Master help to avoid it.

Why App Lock?

The world of exchanging information through mobile, in general, is currently evolving, in which sometimes we have to give our mobile to our friends, in such a situation it would be better for them not to see the information on our mobile, perhaps thinking that they also know all about our relevant things on our social media When you open all of the applications, money transfer applications, they will easily know what we are involved in, we are going to look at a great App Lock Master application help today to avoid this.

Even if we give our mobile to someone else it will reveal to them a message that when they try to open our particular application it will not open automatically and they will leave thinking that the application is not working and you need the help of a great App Lock Master to do this

Nowadays we have to make sure on our mobile to our close relatives that when we do so the important applications that are on our mobile will be a big special feature on our mobile, for example, the app we are chatting with while at the same time saying that it is a money transfer application, they will immediately see applications like this We will be eager to know what kind of things we are doing, with this in mind we can not avoid giving mobile to our loved ones, otherwise, there is a possibility of rifts in the relationship but we have to deal with a special thing in this, with the help we have purchased they will make it look like your mobile is not working So that they will not be able to open the application you have specifically locked, which is definitely useful information.

Note: This application is a very special application, it is available on Google’s official website Play Store, from there we have given you all the information about what we recommend directly below on our website, after reading it clearly you can start using it.

Draw Pattern LockIncoming Call Lock
Timing MessagesClock Lock Screen

Play store details of the app

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unnamed 3 1
unnamed 5 1
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unnamed 8
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Available OnPlay Store
PurposeTouch Lock – Disable Touch Screen
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered BySepber
App PolicyPolicy
WebsiteApplication Site
Contact[email protected]
Address36 Pham Hung, My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam
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All Key Feature

  • Lock apps with PIN, Pattern
  • Fingerprint (Only for Samsung devices with fingerprint sensors’s and Android 6.0 devices with fingerprint sensors)
  • Random keyboard
  • Time Password
  • Show Password transformation
  • Invisible Pattern
  • Pattern size
  • Lock Incoming call, Recent tasks, Switch lock ( Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), Install/Uninstall and 3rd party apps.
  • Temporary unlock. You don’t need to unlock apps every time
  • Delay lock at a time
  • Lock your app at the device screen off
  • Enter password once to unlock all
  • Cover (Disguise your App Lock screen to prevent from breaking into your password. fake Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialog will hide the real lock screen)
  • Lock screen orientation (System settings, Auto-rotate, Portrait, Landscape)
  • Hide AppLock Master icon
  • Intruder selfie
  • Take a photo of who tried to unlock your device
  • Theme, background
  • Background (Choose from the gallery, System wallpaper, Transparent, Blur)
  • Theme
  • Theme customize (Show theme icon, show app name, hint message)
  • Animation lock screen
  • Animation type (Fade, Zoom, Slide left, Slide right, Slide up, Slide down)

How to open AppLock Master after hiding the AppLock Master icon

  • You can use 2 way below to open AppLock Master again
  • Visit web
  • Drag out widget icon of AppLock Master and click to open
  1. How to uninstall AppLock?
    After you turn on uninstall prevention, nobody can uninstall AppLock without a password. If you want to uninstall it, please turn off uninstall prevention first.
  2. How to use time PIN?
  • Device’s time will combine with your PIN at the end.
    Ex: If the time is 19:02, 1902 would be your PIN ( is your PIN)

AppLock uses the Device Administrator’s permission. (only used to prevent AppLock being uninstalled)

How to install, and use it?

  1. And if you want to download this application you can download it by following the link below
  2. This may require some permission and may be granted at your own discretion
  3. Finally, you can keep your important applications locked and protect your information from others by keeping some of the features available in this application

App Lock Master

We are confident that we are clearly giving all the help we intend to give, do not forget to share your further comments with us in the comment box and we will try to reply to him as soon as possible.

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