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Mobile touch screen friction caused by children when not needed causes a lot of problems on our mobile, so important photos and videos on our mobile are deleted and sometimes our mobile phone calls to others, we are going to discuss things about how to prevent this. It is important to remember to be careful when giving mobiles to children, so let’s see how to be safe so that we do not get into any trouble while giving.

Disable the Touch Screen app

There is no doubt that mobile is an entertainment item because there are so many entertainment events being watched on mobile right now. There are a variety of things called YouTube videos, Facebook videos, and a variety of games that include “games” that kids love.

When children are given a mobile phone they are more involved in it, they spend more time, they don’t have to cry, they have to be happy to give them this mobile to feed, at such a moment they rub their fingers on the mobile display, thus opening many applications on the mobile and many things start to happen isn’t it? To prevent this, a dedicated Disable Touch Screen application is recommended on this website.

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best Disable Touch Screen App for android

Although there are many applications that can disable the touch screen on mobile, the reason we recommend this application is because it was taken from Google’s official website play store, so you can use it without fear, though we have given below all the relevant things, please read it clearly and download and get excited.

Microphone BlockerSecret Time Lock
Keep Me Out Of PhoneCall Screen App

play store details of the Touch Block app

Available OnPlay Store
PurposeTouch block & Disable touch
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered ByTrio Solution
App PolicyPolicy
WebsiteOfficial Site
Contact[email protected]
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By using this touch lock app, you can prevent touch from unusual clicks on the screen. Most people have finger trembling issues and they do unusual clicks, so to overcome this problem we bring this disabled touch screen app which will help to screen lock for a specific time. When you will enable the touch lock screen, you will be able to do any extra activity on your mobile phone.

Main features of the Touch Lock app for Kids: Disable your Screen Touch

  • Easily turn on and off the touch lock from the app
  • Set timer to disable touch lock
  • Prevent touch from unusual clicks
  • You can also disable the touch lock with your fingerprint.
  • Use your cell phone without any interruption

Why was this Touch Lock app for Kids: Disable your Screen Touch developed?

Purpose To develop this disable touch screen: screen lock for kids app is to lock phone touch and prevent the screen from unusual clicks which can disturb you when you doing some important work on the phone. Freeze your screen, enjoy movies without any interruption and avoid other activities.

the touch lock screen on-off: touch protector

Prevent unintended operations on the touch screen with the help of this screen lock for kids: touchscreen block app. Ever distorted by unusual clicks on your phone while watching your favourite shows? Simply install this disable touch screen: touch block app and prevent your screen from unwanted clicks.

kids lock app to block touch screen

Kids like to watch cartoons and other shows on mobile, but they do unusual clicks on the screen which may impact your settings. So, to overcome this problem, we develop a Touch Lock app for Kids: Disable your Screen Touch whenever you give your phone to your kids, turn on the touch blocker and feel free while your kids using your mobile phone.

disable touch screen: lock your screen touch

Mostly we use maps for navigation while driving motorbikes, to avoid interruption of raindrops which may cause accidental operations on your screen. In this lock my screen touch: kids lock touch app you can only disable touch lock before the timer you set by entering your phone password and fingerprint.

How to disable the touch lock?

  • Two ways to disable the screen locker:
  • Wait for the timer to be finished which you set
  • By pressing the lock button, enter your password and fingerprint.

Mostly we like to listen to songs, simply lock your screen touch and put your phone into your pocket and enjoy your music playlists without any interruption. Avoid unintended functions on your screen when you don’t need any unusual clicks on your screen by using this touch blocker: lock screen touch app. Mostly we give our mobiles to others to show pictures, so you can enable lock touch on a specific picture which you want to show, then nobody can see your other private photos which you don’t want to show them.

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Call AnimationTime Lock Hour Minute

Working on this Touch Lock app for Kids: Disable your Screen Touch

  • Download and install this Touch Lock app for Kids: Disable your Screen Touch.
  • Open this Touch Lock app for Kids: Disable your Screen Touch
  • Set hours and minutes to lock touch.
  • To disable the touch lock, click on the lock button and your ter password to unlock the touch.
  • Privacy note of this Touch Lock app for Kids: Disable your Screen Touch
  • Our Touch Lock app for Kids: Disable your Screen Touch is not collecting any personal information. It is a 100% safe and secure application to use.
NO Touch Block
NO Touch Block Disable 2022
NO Touch Block Disable app
NO Touch

how to install, and use the Touch Block app

  1. Click on the link below to download the application and go to the Play Store.
  2. You should definitely not forget that there are some permissions when installing this on mobile.
  3. If all things are done correctly you can prevent any problems caused by unnecessary screen friction on your mobile.
Disable Touch Screen

Disable Touch App

It’s normal for a mobile user to want to stop the mobile touch screen from working when they have it with their children or in the bag, but it’s hard to find a better help in this, we have designed this web site to give it to you. Share your opinion about this article with us and also share the article on social media sites so that everyone can get used to this article.

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