Keep Me Out Of Phone Addiction [Break Free App]

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The moment you leave your mobile, do you think someone else will take it and open its secret? Do you want to escape from this? We will definitely save you. For example, our mobile phone always travels with us, but when we go to sleep or take a bath, the mobile phone may break, in such a situation, someone who knows our mobile password is likely to take and open it, we have created this article just to avoid this.

What does the Break Free App help with?

We can not say that mobile is a normal thing because we store that much information in it, including our banking applications and many other things that we think to include in it, including our family’s information, we need to protect it at times like this.

For example, there may come a time when you have to give your mobile to your friends and go, leave your mobile when you go to take a shower and at such a moment our loved ones, however, if anyone else tries to unlock our mobile they will know our vital information so as to avoid this Break Free App is recommended for you here.

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how to Break Free App

If you look at how it works, it will protect your mobile for a certain period of time, which means that even if you try to open it with the correct password your mobile will not open, depending on how many hours you should not open it, no one will be able to open your mobile until that time is up, no matter what you try.

Especially if you have a five-minute fit, there is no chance of unlocking your mobile while doing so, if you go for a half-hour shower, you can protect your mobile for up to half an hour, even entering the correct password for half an hour will not open the mobile, this is its uniqueness Ideally, all the information related to this Break Free application is given below, so please read it clearly and download and use it.

Dialer SecretTime Lock Hour Minute
Eye Hide ScreenIncoming Call Pin Locker

play store details of the app

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With this application, you can beat mobile phone addiction, which is very helpful to increase productivity
Lock my phone(Lock Me Out) and have a mobile-free and distraction-free time.

Are you addicted to

  • Online gaming addiction?
  • Social networking addiction?
  • online gambling addiction?
  • Trading stocks addiction?
  • Online forum and chat room usage addiction?
  • Reading and leaving comments on favourite blogs and news websites addiction?
  • Dating site interaction addiction?
  • Online shopping addiction?
  • Pornography addiction?
  • with your phone addiction

Stay Away is for you. Try it!!!

  • Because many experts advise unplugging for a significant portion of the workday as a means of increasing productivity.
  • If you’re constantly distracted by checking email, answering social media communications, watching porn, playing online games
  • and swiping on a dating application, then it’s hard to focus on the task at hand.

How to do it Features of Stay Away?

  1. set a time period to lock your phone.
  2. Set a schedule to lock your phone. (Info: Robin Sharma said that his “Strategic Time Blocking” practice has helped his productivity fly over the past 20 years. You can do that too)
  3. Add an emergency contact form in which you can receive calls.
  4. You can have view access to notifications.
Live Time PasswordVault App For EveryOne
Torch Vault HideTurn Off Fingerprint Lock
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how to install, and use the stay away from the phone app?

  1. You can download it by clicking the link below to install the application.
  2. Keep in mind that some permissions may be required when installing the application.
  3. Eventually, with this application, you can lock your mobile so that no one can open it in unnecessary moments.

Note: Your privacy is our biggest priority. We don’t collect your personal information or usage data.

Keep Me Out Of Phone Addiction [Break Free App]

Offtime App

Considering that a man’s mobile is very important to him and at the same time he may not be able to share it with everyone, we suggested this Break Free App with the intention of protecting his mobile and hiding the information in the mobile from others. We hope he will benefit from this in a number of moments, so please share your thoughts on this in the comment box, we will get back to you shortly, and share this article related to this application with your friends.

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