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Confidentiality is for everyone, especially on mobile, and it can be very difficult to hide secret videos, photos, etc. on a mobile phone, but you can easily remove this hassle and hide your secret photos and videos.

For example, we can not destroy our vital memories for fear that others will see them, we have to store those photos and videos that can give a delicious experience in the future, because most of the photos are taken on mobile, so we are going to give you a wonderful help in this poison, and come discuss some interesting about it

What is our secret on mobile?

Mobile is capable of taking more and more photos, and we are currently interested in buying a camera with more megapixels, although not all of the photos taken in it can be shared with everyone because the photo taken with our loved ones must be kept secret as the photo taken with school children.

Photos and videos were taken in this way become a personal secret at some point, so we may not want to see them, so we will hide them with some Secret Hide Vault applications so that we do not see it.

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best Secret Hide Vault app

While there are many applications like Secret Hide Vault, the Dialer we recommend is the Secret Hide Vault application which looks like a dialer on the phone, you can type in the number, but the biggest feature is that you can secretly hide your photos and videos on the back, another highlight. , I.e. This Dialer Secret Hide Vault app is taken from the official Play Store, so it is very special, you can download and use it without fear.

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Dialer Secret Hide Vault: Hide Photos & Videos is the best app locker that hides files, photos, and videos to increase your android phone’s security.

In this digital world, privacy matters a lot to us, there are many files, documents, photos, videos, apps, etc. which we want to hide from others. When someone uses our phone we always have insecurity about what would happen if they open a secret folder, file or any social media app.

Now, with this free app lock application, your secret things will be only accessible to you and without any fear of privacy you can hand over your android phone to others. The user interface of this app is exactly designed like a normal phone dialer so no one can identify that you are using an app locker.

When you open this app it will show the dialer like screen with the buttons of numbers, asterisk, hash, call, and options like keypad, favourites, and contacts.

First of all, you will need to set a password for this app locker. In the keypad option you have to enter your password and to submit it you have to press the green call button, again you have to confirm your password and your password will be set for this app locker.

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After that for security reasons you have to select a security question and give an answer for it. If you forget the password then you have to long-press the plus button on the top of the dialer screen and then a security question will be needed to answer. If you answer it correctly, then only you will be able to reset the password.

After entering the correct password you will be moved to your secret vault where you will see multiple sections like Photos, Video, Audio, Documents, and Application.

To import a file first you have to select the correct section to which the file belongs. After selecting a section you will be seeing a plus button on the bottom right corner of your mobile phone’s screen, by clicking it you will be able to see all your files belonging to that category in a grid format.

From the top of the screen, you can choose the folder in which files are kept. You can select one or multiple files simultaneously and after pressing the Done button your selected files will get imported successfully.

The files which you have imported will not be viewed in their original location now, you can only find them in Dialer Secret Vault: Hide Photos & Videos app and in the section to which it belongs. So, in this manner, you can hide files, photos, and videos which you want to keep secret.

In the application section, you will see a list of all the applications from that list you can select the apps for which you want to turn on the protection.

Call Pin LockerHour Minute Password
Best Vault AppHide Screen App

The app lock will require a separate password. For the app lock, you can set a pin lock or pattern lock as per your convenience. To select the lock type you have to press the gear button at the top right corner of your screen, there you will be seeing the options of Pin Locker and Pattern Locker.

To change the app lock password you have to answer the same security question which you have given in the beginning. When someone tries to open the app which is protected by this app locker then first they have to enter your app locker pin or pattern then only they will be able to access the application.

Using this secret vault you can apply protection to as many apps as you want. By turning on Uninstall Protection others can not uninstall this app lock to bypass the security.

So, hurry up and download Dialer Secret Vault: Hide Photos & Videos, the best app locker for free to hide files and protect your android apps.

how to install, and use Dialer Secret Hide Vault app?

  1. Click the link below to download the application.
  2. When installing on mobile you will be asked for permission to hide photos and videos, be sure to know it clearly.
  3. Once all the work of the application is done, you can finally hide your photos, videos, etc., which can deceive the eyes of the viewers.
Dialer Secret Hide Vault

Dialer Secret Vault Apps

A man’s secret is his strength, and when the secret is revealed, he will feel very weak. We have created this website article with the intention that we may help him to preserve the wonderful photos and videos that may be more interesting in the future, so we look forward to your support for this article and we are proud to have talked with you for so long in the hope that you will definitely get your support for this.

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