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If someone picks up our mobile without our permission our mobile will start ringing automatically and no matter what we do the mobile will not stop making noise and only we can stop it. So you can get to know everyone who picks up on your mobile without your permission, see some discussions on this subject and the benefits available and you can find the Touch My Phone App used for this here.

What is Touch My Phone App for?

Mobile is a Touch My Phone App that carries all our secrets, sometimes in the moments when we have to leave that mobile and break it without anyone else taking it. This application works best and protects your mobile phone from being touched by others under any circumstances.

For example, you put your mobile phone to sleep and at that moment, if someone in your house picks up your mobile phone from below, it will start ringing and you will wake up when the alarm goes off. No matter what the person who picked up the mobile does, the Touch My Phone App will help you to close the mobile alarm and close it only if you enter the correct password.

Best Touch My Phone App

We have clearly provided all the information related to the Touch My Phone App, and this application is taken from the play store, so you can use it, before reading the full information below for the reason given below, please download and use it.

Magic Watch PasswordLED Keyboard Emoji
No Touch ScreenMy Dialer Lock

play store details Don’t touch my phone

Available OnPlay Store
PurposeDon’t touch my phone – phone protector
Nowadays Installs10,000+
Offered By409
App PolicyPolicy
WebsiteOfficial Site
Contact[email protected]
AddressHouse 26, Street 1, Sector G, Sheikh Maltoon Town, Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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Don’t touch my phone – a phone protector can be used for many purposes such as using your phone safely or using your phone safely. don’t touch my smartphone has also an anti-theft alarm and motion alarm for phone safe and secure phone. phone security and phone protection or mobile protection have antitheft feature and alarm anti furto.

don’t touch my mobile is a mobile touch app that triggers an alarm when mobile alarm touch happens. A phone touch alarm is a very sensitive touch with phone alarm security. alarm anti furto. don’t touch anything with antitheft has phone guardian option that acts as mobile protection. motion alarm acts as an anti-theft alarm. So use your phone safely and use my phone safely

To use your phone safely (use my phone safely) the feature known as anti-theft alarm comes with don’t touch my smartphone that activates phone security, phone protection which is security phone and has phone guardian option als

Microphone BlockerSecret Time Lock
Keep Me Out Of PhoneCall Screen App
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unnamed 7 2
unnamed 8 1

Download and use the application

  1. Click the link below to download the application.
  2. It is also possible to ask for some permissions after properly installing this application on mobile.
  3. Note that if all things are done successfully no one will be able to pick up on your mobile without your permission anymore.
Who Touch My Phone App

Who Touch My Phone App

There is no doubt that this article will definitely help every man who thinks that his mobile should not be taken away by anyone other than himself. So please share your thoughts with us on this web article as well as help by sharing this information with your friends.

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