Voice Screen Lock Android System

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You should definitely visit this website to learn a very special way to lock your mobile with your voice. Sometimes when you get in the car or during your travels when your body and mobile are a little awkward, when you try to enter the password it will definitely fail.

If listening to your voice at such a time and unlocking your mobile will definitely save time as well as protect your mobile from falling down, Voice Screen Lock opportunity to do this thing and let’s start the discussion with interest.

What is Voice Screen Lock Algorithm for?

Mobile is an important item, we have to lock this item because it is very mobile, we do everything from cash transactions to normal voice exchange, and message transfer, so we keep the mobile locked with many ways to keep it safe, which usually includes a button lock, fingerprint lock, etc.

Let us see a small example

When you go on a motorcycle and think you need to unlock your mobile, when you try to enter your number lock, button lock, etc. Your mobile is shaking too much and then it can fail.

Although sometimes it is possible to put a fingerprint on it, there is a chance that the mobile will fall down, so it would be better to fit a password in your voice and open the mobile as soon as you say that word, so this is a great Voice Screen Lock application that can help in this regard, see this in this web article You are.

Note: As the information related to this Voice Screen Lock application is also given below, please read it clearly and download and use it.

Secret Time LockMy Dialer Lock
Time Lock HourMicrophone Block

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Unlock your phone screen with voice. Beautiful and customizable Voice lock screen for any android device. Set a voice password and use it to unlock your device.

Using a traditional Lockscreen to Lock & Unlock your phone has been outdated. Use a new approach to Lock/Unlock your smartphone using your Voice and secure your mobile from others’ approaches.

You use different lock screens with different patterns to secure your data or private or sensitive data.

You want a different lock screen also this work with your voice. So your wish is complete.

Voice Screen Lock application gets a new style lock screen just you speak your password and open your lock.

This Smart Voice Lock Screen works with your voice commands which makes your phone unique from others also we have provided a Keypad Lock screen method with this App!

In case you do not want to let others know about your ” Voice Password ” or you are unable to unlock your phone using your voice commands or Voice password Unlock then do not bother yourself that your phone will be locked permanently. You guys can use the alternate Pin Code option to unlock your smartphone.


  • Enable Voice Lock Screen with a single click on the mic and set the Voice password.
  • Enhance Security using Home Key options given in the setting.
  • Different HD Backgrounds are available to change the theme.
  • Set your own any type of voice password.
  • You can also set a numeric password if the voice password doesn’t work.
  • User Friendly and best Voice Unlocker
  • Show date and time on screen.
  • Change the colour of the time and date.
  • Change font style to make more attractive your Voice Lock Screen.
Incoming Call LockTouch Block
Change PIN LockLive Time Password
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How to download this application?

  1. Below is the opportunity to download the Voice Screen Lock app.
  2. When installing the application on mobile it is possible to ask your microphone permission to do its job.
  3. If all things are done correctly and installed, you will no longer be able to easily lock and unlock your voice as a password.
Voice Screen Lock Android System

Voice Lock App

This web article will help every person who wants to lock his mobile in a unique way, while this method of locking with voice will be a unique feature and will also be a lock method that can not be easily opened by others. Share this article with your friends, family, and loved ones to ensure the security of their mobile phones.

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