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This web article will provide a great experience for anyone looking for a way to better customize profile video, audio, etc. that can be matched on social media sites. That means people spend a lot of time on many social media applications like WhatsApp and Message these days, and at such moments they like to fit the profile picture and status videos that fit in so beautifully and do some work beyond size, discuss such matters and get help.

Status Tricks WhatsApp What is it for?

Mobile is generally considered as an entertainment item that is currently being purchased as an entertainment item, which means that although many things in it are helpful, mobile is considered as an electronic item for chatting with friends and spending time.

The general public, friends and relatives are all chatting together in groups on social media sites, in which case WhatsApp is the most popular, in which people want to give and receive a better experience when matching statistics and DP videos. In this article, we have included a great Status Tricks WhatsApp application that can help you with that.

Best Status Tricks App

This Status Tricks WhatsApp application is taken from the Play Store, so you can know in advance that it is the official website of Google and use it without fear. Nevertheless, we have attached below clearly the work of this application and its features, along with the photos related to this application, so please read them clearly and download and use them on a voluntary basis.

Disable Touch30 Sec Split videos
Circle SideBar AppNo Contact WhatsApp

play store details of the WhatsApp status app

Available OnPlay Store
PurposeStory Split | Save Status
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered ByEden Garden
App PolicySite
WebsitePolicy Site
Contact[email protected]
AddressPunnayurkulam PO, PIN Code: 679561 Thrissur, Kerala India
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Never let the 15-second limit cut your stories short.

WhatSaga is a utility tool to help you post stories longer than 15 seconds by splitting them into parts of 15-second videos and sharing them all at once in an instant!.

Posting long video statuses to WhatsApp is just easier because you don’t need to cut them down manually, WhatSaga will do it for you in an instant and share it with WhatsApp.


  • Tired of screenshotting statuses by other people?
  • WhatSaga helps you see all the recent statuses and Save and Share them
  • And not just pictures, videos too!.


  • Whatsapp audio status is coming too. Download WhatSaga today!
  • We are still in the beta version and more features are coming. Support us with your feedback.
  • Now available for WhatsApp for Business too!. First status downloader app for WhatsApp business out there!!

This app is not affiliated with WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business in any way. WhatsApp is the trademark of WhatsApp Inc. No trademark infringement is hereby intended.

Profile PictureOFFline Chating
Volume BoosterAny Language Translator
unnamed 5 3
unnamed 6 5
unnamed 7 5
unnamed 8 5
unnamed 12 4
unnamed 13 3
unnamed 14 1
unnamed 15

How to download and use the application?

  1. Below we have given you the opportunity to download the Status Tricks application, you can go to the Play Store and download it directly by clicking on that link.
  2. Keep in mind that installing the application on mobile will ask for some permission to do the job you say.
  3. If all things are done correctly you can use the purpose for which this application was created.
Story Split, Save Status & Status Trick

Status Tricks App

It is a Status Tricks WhatsApp application that can tweak and better reflect the social media profiling picture, WhatsApp status etc. on its mobile, so if there is a mobile it will definitely be social media, so we hope it will be helpful to all of you. Click the link below and go to the Play Store to download and share with your friends and make their experience even better.

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