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It is almost impossible for anyone to access an option on mobile as soon as it is thought because so much information is stored on mobile, applications are used, in which it is very important to have an option that we can use frequently near the instantaneous page on our mobile, which will save you time, the biggest truth to do this The speciality of this web article is that we are going to give you the opportunity very clearly to join in with some of the discussions i.e. the conversation will happen with you and you will get help.

What is the quick settings menu android needed for?

In the present era, the mobile is not seen as a normal object because it carries a heavy load, a man is not ready to grieve without anything, but regrets as if he has lost half of his body if he does not have the mobile, that size is travelling with him as a part of that mobile He gets services, stores a variety of things, yet sometimes it is true that he finds it difficult to access an option as soon as he thinks.

There is a situation where you have to search for a thing on a mobile with a lot of things because so many things are imposed on that mobile, so he sometimes gets tired, spends time, he is excited and he saves time so we recommend a better quick settings menu android application in this web article. His mobile brings his key options, important applications etc. closer with a better quick settings android application

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Note: The quick settings apps we recommend for android are taken from Google’s official website Play Store, and there is evidence in YouTube videos that this application is a great application. It also includes a video provided by the creators, all of which you should read clearly first, and then you should use this application only if you like, otherwise, we can only carry you these delicious experiences on the go.

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Play store details of the Notification Customization app

Bottom Quick Settings Notification Customization 1
unnamed 3 8
unnamed 5 7
unnamed 8 3
unnamed 9 4
unnamed 10 4
unnamed 11 1
unnamed 13 2
Available OnPlay Store
PurposeBottom Quick Settings – Notification Customization
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
Offered ByTom Bayley
App PolicyPolicy
WebsiteApplication Site
Contact[email protected]
AddressEngland, UK
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Do you find notifications and quick settings hard to reach with one hand at the top of your screen? Don’t like stretching your hand up to reach them?

Bottom Quick Settings provides a smooth, fast and native feeling Android styled quick setting and notification panel at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to toggle settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Flash and many more, as well as adding shortcuts to apps and websites in the panel too!

What is the difference between MIUI-if and Bottom Quick Settings? The main differences can be seen in the Play Store screenshots. MIUI-if is cleaner, easier to use and follows the MIUI style. Bottom Quick Settings follows the style of Android P/Q.


  • Control all notifications
  • Reply, open, dismiss, interact and manage
  • Full-colour customization
  • Dynamic colours


  • Move your device’s status bar to the bottom of the screen
  • Full support for notifications and system settings icons
  • Full-colour personalization
  • Blacklist: hide the status bar in specific apps


  • 40+ different settings
  • Add any app or URL as a shortcut in the panel
  • Layout: Change the number of tile rows and columns
  • Sliders: Screen brightness, ringtone, alarm, notification and media volume
  • Android Q & Pie themed
Vault AppLive 3D Wallpaper
Off Fingerprint LockLive Time Password


  1. Customizable position and size so it doesn’t interfere with navigation gestures
  2. Options to hide in landscape and fullscreen
  3. Blacklist: hide the handle trigger in specific apps


  • Blur the background
  • Change the colours of the panel background and the quick setting icons
  • Add a background image to the panel
  • Select an app icon pack
  • Match the navigation bar colour to the footer colour
  • Dark mode
  • Integration with Tasker

How to Instal shortcut app, and use app?

  1. Follow the link below to download the app.
  2. You must give permission to work on this app, then it will work properly and after clear reading, you can allow and use it.
  3. Finally through the settings available in this app.
  4. You can keep the important information you need on the front of your mobile and from time to time you can access it as soon as you think and save your time.
  5. More info for this, please see the video.
Quick Settings Menu Android

Bottom Quick Settings & Notification Customization

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